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AK CAN! is the education, outreach and social media arm of ALICE. 

AK CAN!  connects Alaskans across the state who share a deep concern about global warming, biodiversity, social justice and our energy future.

Alaska centric news, science updates, action alerts, events, classes and commentary are most welcome!

The Alaska Climate Action Network (AK CAN!) connects over 1,600 Alaskans from all corners of the state who share a deep concern about climate change, biodiversity and our energy future and desire for a just and sustainable future through collective, grassroots action.  Our network includes a diversity of community-based partner organizations, Indigenous leaders, scientists, renewable energy experts, artists, engineers, and journalists from across the state.

Our purpose is to connect, inform and inspire Alaskans to take individual and community action on the climate/ecological crisis.

What’s New:

20 hours ago

TOMORROW! 📅 Join us for the #DeadlineGlasgow campaign launch on Tues, Aug 3, featuring Tara Houska, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Sharon Lavigne, Kayah George, and Bill McKibben.

Save your spot now and RSVP! ⬇️ tinyurl.com/glasgow202

The Glasgow Climate Talks at COP26 are a historic opportunity for the world to act on climate. When the Paris Agreement was signed five years ago, every nation on earth agreed to meet five years later and “ratchet up” their climate ambition. We’re now at that moment ― and it is vital that we hold the world’s leaders to their promises.

Between now and the start of COP26, we’re building a massive people-powered campaign that forces the funders of climate chaos, and the Biden Administration to act. We aim to coordinate 500 actions on our targets by the start of the Glasgow climate talks on November 1st. Learn more about the Deadline Glasgow campaign here: tinyurl.com/defundff

Stop the Money Pipeline
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2 days ago

In the next 4 days, Congress COULD take REAL action on climate change...but YOU need to help! Please contact our senators by phone or email and ask them to #putapriceoncarbon ! ... See MoreSee Less

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